Bobbi Boss Premium Synthetic Boss Wig – M740 KIM

Reviews from verified customers:

I love the texture of the hair! You can also use low heat to straighten the hair more if needed.

I absolutely love this wig!! The look and it feels good too! No one would ever know that it is only $22.

Love it you would have to pluck the part I wish it was a little more fuller itโ€™s still a nice everyday wig love it..

I loved it! Its my first wig and was kinda iffy at first and didnt like it until i wore it for a full day and started feeling it. I do have a small head so there is access cap in the back but you cant tell. Its beautiful and never had long hair naturally so i love having the long wig. Beautiful in color and comfy. Everyone loves it on me

I like this hair but it is a bit long and it is a synthetic wig so the quality isn’t the best but its decent and it will be a bit much to maintain, i would wear only when i’m dressing up to go somewhere. I’ll rate the hair because the color and decent look at 6 out of 10. Follow me more pics @BiggDreamerr

I Loooove This Unit! It’s amazing and had NO yaki texture, it is a virgin hair dupe! Doesn’t shed too bad and feels so smooth! Better than I expected. Runs a little long on me since I’m short but it’s perfect for any height. I definitely recommend this hair!

At first I hated this wig!!! I had plans to rock this hair for my bday. I tried the middle part seem to look stupid. Tried a side part and it worked a little more. Eventually I tried to do the baby hair thing and wore the front pinned back for a relaxed look. As time went by I noticed I could do the middle part (had to slightly move some strands over to give the look of baby hair lol) and it looks better!!! Hence the photo. The color is very pretty people compliment me a lot on it. Its lonnnggghh! I have nvr did real long wigs before. After awhile it will shed and tangle so keep a comb or brush handy. Other than that pretty descent buy! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you.

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